The small village of Leigh in the North Island of New Zealand boasts a population of about 750 people and has become one of the most productive fishing villages in New Zealand thanks to its abundance of Snapper and dedicated fishermen.

Even though the village and parent company is spelled “Leigh”, it was Leigh Fisheries’ Asian clientele that adopted the “Lee” spelling because it was most familiar to them. Leigh Fisheries decided to adopt this spelling and keep it as the brand for its subsidiaries. It’s now the accepted spelling for all Lee Fish subsidiaries while the parent company remains ‘Leigh Fisheries’ located in the town of Leigh.

The town’s name is believed to come from a travelling missionary named Reverend Samuel Leigh, but this bit of history is hotly debated after a pint or two in the local taverns.

Back in the 1950’s a handful of men got together with an idea to sell the superior quality fish caught from day boats to the consumer. The same philosophy continues some 60 odd years later. Today some of the original families like the Matheson, Aitken, Wyatt and Clarke’s that started the industry out of Leigh are still shareholders in Leigh Fisheries.


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    Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

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