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Albacore Fish Whole

Albacore - Fillet

Albacore – Fillet

  • Latin name: Thunnus Alalunga
  • Other names:
  • New Zealand: Albacore tuna
  • USA: Albacore tuna
  • Brazil: Albacora Branca
  • France: Germon, Thon Blanc
  • Germany: Weisser Thun
  • Greece: Tonnos Macropteros
  • Italy: Alalonga
  • Japan: Binnaga, Tonbo
  • Spain: Albacora , Atún Blanco
  • Sweeden: Albakore
  • Albacore is a member of the tuna family. It does not grow as large as its Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna cousins and its flesh is whiter, with a beautiful rosy hue. It has a metallic blue skin on the topside which fades into a silvery white belly and it sports very long pectoral fins which help it swim over 50 miles per hour! For decades, Albacore has been identified in the US as canned tuna but now this species has been breaking new ground in the culinary world as people are discovering an unlimited range of uses in Albacore’s fresh form. It can be found in every sushi-bar in the country as well as many great restaurants. In addition, Albacore’s availability throughout retail outlets such as Whole Foods stores and more is increasing by the year.

    We source all of our Albacore from Tahitian waters due to it being the most consistent, high-quality and large-sized Albacore available worldwide. Tahiti has around 140 Islands and a 5.5 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from which to fish. Only the long-line fishing method is permitted in these waters, with no net or seine vessels allowed to fish there for sustainability reasons. Also, any form of shark fishing or finning is strictly prohibited. We buy exclusively from Ocean Products, which is a long-time licensed fishing company and exporter. Tahiti is part of the European Union, so all processing facilities are EU accredited (as well as FDA), so the quality, traceability and food-safety of our Tahitian Albacore is exceptional.

    Our Albacore are caught in 1000+ feet of water, and due to the long-line method of fishing they are brought aboard the boats live where they are bled and iced to preserve their freshness as well as headed and gutted.
    Albacore’s firm flesh presents itself beautifully pink when raw, and then whitens nicely as it is cooked. When seared on either side and rare (pink) in the inside, the cooked fillet is visually attractive indeed. The flakes are medium sized and the flesh is very dense. The mouth feel is almost like an aquatic steak, with a tasty, juicy flavor.

  • Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

    Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

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