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Barramundi Whole

Barramundi Whole

Barramundi Fillet

Barramundi Fillet

  • Latin name: Lates Calcarifer
  • Other names:
  • USA: Barramundi, Barramundi Perch, Giant Perch, Palmer, Silver Barramundi, Asian Seabass
  • New Zealand: Barramundi
  • France: Perche Barramundi, Brochet de Mer
  • Germany: Barramundi
  • Italy: Barramundi
  • Japan: Akame
  • Spain: Perca Gigante, Barramundi
  • Barramundi is a very unique looking sea bass as they have a steep sloping back, which swoops down to a rather small head and a body color that fades from black on the upper side to silver on the belly. The fish is a native to Australia and the waters further north into Southeast Asia and is farmed throughout this region. It is euryhaline, so in the wild is at home in streams, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters.

    Barramundi is one of our best selling fish and this farmed sea bass has taken the American palate by storm. As Dr. Oz, who rates it as one of his top 5 Superfoods puts it, “Bonus: the white meat is light, flaky and delicious”. Indeed this fish performs very well in a variety of dishes. It’s naturally mild flavor profile allows it to take on other flavor accents readily – permitting chefs to create exceptional dishes with ease.

    When educating our customers we stress how there is barramundi and then there is our Barramundi. Our Barramundi suppliers are located in Malaysia and Indonesia and the biggest point of difference with the fish we import is that it is not farmed in land-based or brackish water ponds; instead it is raised in the middle of the ocean so the sea-pens are constantly flushed by strong currents and waves which means the water is clean and pristine – characteristics mirrored in our fish’s taste.

    The Barramundi we import is farmed by vertically integrated companies who control the entire process from the growth to the feeding, harvesting and processing of the fish. As a result, the product is raised sustainably and is completely traceable with first-class food safety.

    This fish has a very catchy name and as mentioned above the flavor is even more captivating. Expect to see Barramundi appearing on menus all over the country as it really is the ‘next big thing’ in seafood to hit America.


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