Black Cod

U.S.A., Wild-caught

Black Cod

Black Cod

  • Latin name: Anoplopoma Fimbria
  • Other names:
  • USA: Black Cod, Sablefish, Candlefish, Coal Cod, Coalfish, Butterfish
  • New Zealand: Black Cod
  • Denmark: Elig Fakkelfisk
  • France: Morue Charbonnière, Morue Noire
  • Germany: Säbelfisch
  • Japan: Gindara
  • Portugal: Peixe-Carvão-do-Pacífico
  • Spain: Bacalao Negro
  • Black Cod is a domestic American fish which we procure as a valuable additional offering alongside our New Zealand species. Interestingly it is not a cod at all, but in fact a sablefish, and the color can range from black to a dark mottled green or gray. The fish is sleek-looking, and has ivory-white fillets with a velvety texture and buttery taste which is absolutely incomparable in the world of aquatic edibles. It is super-loaded with great tasting and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

    Black Cod inhabits waters from northern Mexico to the Gulf of Alaska, all the way to the Aleutian Islands and Bering Strait but is most abundant in Alaska. These fish normally live above mud bottoms of 600+ feet, but are also known to dwell much deeper than this.

    Due to the high oil content of Black Cod, it can sometimes be softer than, for example, the dense-fleshed swordfish or halibut. We source our Black Cod fresh from Santa Barbara, California and only buy from hook and line fishermen as their catch method results in a firmer, better quality product and is also more sustainable with less incidence of juvenile-catch.

    As well as being taken up by chefs using a plethora of cooking styles, Black Cod is a massive hit in Japanese cuisine with Nobu’s famous Miso Black Cod recipe taking the culinary world by storm. This recipe calls for marinating the fillets in a sweet miso, mirin and sake paste and then cooking until the marinade caramelizes. It is the perfect balance of sweet and savory, with a host of delicious underlying Japanese flavors, all accentuating the star of the show – the brilliant silky-rich Black Cod itself. Indeed it is a special fish and will appeal to the most discerning fish lovers.

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