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Caviar and Spaghetti - Photo courtesy of Calvisius

Caviar – Photo courtesy of Calvisius

  • White Sturgeon
  • Oscietra Classic
  • Oscietra Royal
  • Venise
  • Calvisius brand caviar is farmed in Calvisano, Italy and is the one of the oldest and largest sturgeon farms in the world with an annual production of 25-30 tons per year. They are a vertically integrated company that controls the full cycle of caviar production: reproduction of fingerlings (baby sturgeon) / raising / feeding / extraction / salting / packing / research and development – and thus the quality, food safety and traceability of the caviar is exceptional.

    As well as exporting to over 20 countries worldwide, Calvisius is the main supplier to airline first-class catering with Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Singapore, Asiana and Korean airlines. Their caviar has received worldwide acclaim and is considered by many to be the finest available.

    Calvisius also holds various certifications for sustainability, including being the first caviar producer to attain FOS Certification (Friend of the Sea). Their farming practices are at the forefront of sustainability and they are also involved with restocking sturgeon back into the wild.

    In short, they are the industry leaders in terms of quality, production and sustainability.

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