Oscietra Royal

Italy, Farmed

Oscietra Royal Caviar - Photo courtesy of Calvisius

Oscietra Royal Caviar – Photo courtesy of Calvisius

  • Latin name: Acipenser Gueldenstaedti
  • Size: 2.8-3.2mm
  • Color: Dark brown with golden hue
  • Availability: Year-round
  • Salt: Malassol (low salt – 3.2%)
  • Pack Size: 10g, 28g (1oz), 50g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1 Kilo
  • Calvisius Oscietra Royal caviar, like the Oscietra Classic, is from the prized breed of sturgeon the Oscietra (also known as Ossetra, Osetra, Asetra). Thanks to the Calvisius team this species is flourishing in the Ticino Valley (which flows from the Swiss Alps) where they take 12 years to rear and be ready for harvest. Ticino is a UNESCO reserve, and the water is the purest blend of snow-melt and spring water making it the perfect environment in which to farm this species.

    The difference between the Oscietra grades of Royal and Classic are that the highest grade of eggs is hand-selected for the Royal. These are the crème de la crème and are chosen specifically to meet the highest caliber of size and color and to satisfy the most discerning caviar connoisseurs.

    The Royal is truly in an elite class of its own – and these fine pearls had the honor of making their way to the courts of the Tsars in Russia (a reflection of their superior quality). The large grains are velvety-smooth and have an outstanding compact texture. The flavor is complex and consists of nutty notes blended with an umami reminiscent of the freshest, richest seafood. The delicate taste of the Royal is worthy of its noble name and can be appreciated in full due to the low-salt (Malassol) used in its production.

    Calvisius Oscietra Royal should be served with a mother of pearl spoon and accompanied with frosty, premium Russian vodka.

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