Yellowbelly Flounder

New Zealand, Wild-caught


Yellowbelly Flounder

  • Latin name: Rhombosolea Leporina
  • Other names:
  • New Zealand: Yellowbelly Flounder (Maori: Patiki)
  • France: Flet
  • Germany: Flunder
  • Greece: Chamatida
  • Italy: Passera Pianuzza
  • Japan: Karei
  • Spain: Platija
  • Yellowbelly Flounder are the crème of New Zealand’s flatfish crop. They distinguish themselves from sole, brill, turbot and regular flounder species both by appearance and taste. From above they appear a dappled green/brown but once turned they have a golden butter-colored underside (a color which is a valid reflection of their smooth, rich taste).

    ‘Yellowbellies’ inhabit harbors, estuaries and shallow bays, and become more abundant in the north of the country. They are usually caught in depths of less than 150 feet (50m). As well as supporting a small-scale commercial fishery, these flounder are a favorite for recreational fishers, who target them with small nets and hand-spears.

    Lee Fish’s Yellowbelly Flounder are caught via small vessels with set nets. The fish are landed live then gutted and ice-slurried immediately, so quality is exceptional. Annual harvest volume is strictly regulated by the QMS (Quota Management System) and this system has been rated 1st equal in the world in terms of sustainability. Commercial catch limit is 5419 tons per year for flatfish in New Zealand.

    The flesh is very delicate with a super-fine flake and a taste that is both rich and sweet at the same time. The culinary experience of eating a Yellowbelly Flounder whole is unforgettable and it is the perfect meal to share with a both a good friend and glass of white wine.

  • Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

    Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

    Another year of hard work pays off with even more Friend Of The Sea Sustainable Seafood Certific[...]