New Zealand, Wild-caught

Kingfish Whole

Kingfish Whole

Kingfish Fillets

Kingfish Fillets

  • Latin name: Seriola Lalandi
  • Other names:
  • Japan: Buri, Hiramasa
  • USA: Yellowtail, Amberjack
  • These sleek-looking creatures belong to the Carangidae (Jack) family and come from New Zealand, home to the largest Kingfish in the world, and are a real treat for anglers and chefs alike. They sport a distinct yellow racing stripe from the nose/eye all the way back to their tail along with a bluish-green back and silver belly. Kingfish are a show-stopper worthy of their regal name, and have acquired fame in various culinary circles.

    Found mainly in the North Island of New Zealand they congregate throughout inshore waters in the Southern Hemisphere summer months (Jan-Feb), particularly in the Bay of Plenty and outer Hauraki Gulf area. They are a pelagic species and are typically caught in 30-100 feet of water, where they feed voraciously on bait-fish and the like.

    Lee brand Yellowtail Kingfish are caught by long-line only, which means that quality is optimized due to the fish being caught and landed live, then Iki-Jime’d and ice slurried thus resulting in a sushi-grade product. New Zealand’s kingfish fishery is strictly managed by the Quota Management System, with a sustainable harvest TACC (Total Allowable Commercial Catch) of 209,000 tons.

    Fillets are elongated with a med/large flake and robust texture. Raw Kingfish meat has a beautiful pink tinge, which cooks up white, and exhibits great-tasting moist, thick and flavourful flesh.


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