Tahiti, Wild-caught

Mahi - Whole

Mahi – Whole

  • Latin name: Lorem ipsum, Dolor sit amet
  • Other names:
  • USA: Mahi, Dolphinfish, Dorado
  • New Zealand: Mahi Mahi
  • Netherlands: Goudmakreel
  • France: Grande Coryphène
  • Germany: Goldmakrele
  • Greece: Kynigos
  • Italy: Capone, Capuni, Cataluzo, Pappagallo
  • Japan: Shiira, Toohyaku
  • Korea: Man-Sae-Gi
  • Spain: Dorado Común
  • Mahi is the archetypal Hawaiian/tropic-style fish. It invokes images of game fishing, barbeques and summer, and has become one of America’s favorite eating fish. As well as a great taste, it has a very unique, recognizable appearance. The upper sides are an electric blue, which blends with bright green/gold/silver and an array of spots. The body is long and the head seems over-sized – its name means ‘strong’ in Hawaiian and this fish is capable of swimming over 50mph! This strength and physique makes it the ultimate acrobatic fighting fish and the favorite target of many recreational anglers.

    Mahi can be found in almost all tropic and sub-tropic waters and are a pelagic, surface-dwelling species. They usually inhabit the top 300 feet (100m) of the water column, with the younger fish swimming in schools and the larger fish swimming alone. The fish is a voracious predator and also grows and reproduces quickly. The largest suppliers of Mahi to the US market are Hawaii, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru and Taiwan.

    We source all our Mahi from Tahitian waters due to superior quality and size. Tahiti has around 140 islands and a 5.5 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from which to fish. Only the long-line fishing method is permitted in these waters, with no net or seine vessels allowed to fish there for sustainability reasons. Also, any form of shark fishing or finning is strictly prohibited. We buy exclusively from Ocean Products which is a long-time licensed fishing company and exporter. Tahiti is part of the European Union, so all processing facilities are EU accredited (as well as FDA), so the quality, traceability and food-safety of our Tahitian Mahi is exceptional.

    This fish is well-deserved of its fame amongst anglers and diners alike. The taste, appearance and even name all add to its classic reputation, and this is a species that people ask for time and time again. The perfect mid-price range and mild-sweet flavor for every palate, it is safe in its place as a perennial favorite.

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