King Salmon

New Zealand, Farmed

King Salmon Whole

King Salmon (Photo Courtesy of Ōra King)

King Salmon Fillet

King Salmon Fillet (Photo Courtesy of Ōra King)

  • Latin name: Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha
  • Other names:
  • USA: New Zealand King Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Tyee
  • New Zealand: King salmon, Chinook Salmon, Quinnat Salmon, Spring Salmon
  • France: Saumon Chinook
  • Germany: Quinnat
  • Italy: Salmone Reale
  • Japan: Masunosuke
  • Netherlands: Chinook Zalm
  • Spain: Salmon Chinook
  • New Zealand King Salmon is one of our biggest selling items and for good reason. This Native American Northwest fish thrives wholeheartedly in the New Zealand marine environment. Our cold, clear, pristine waters have all the necessary properties to rear this species to the pinnacle of perfection, and at present demand, are outstripping supply 3:1 such is the popularity of this product! The fish are a sterling silver color, with black dots and a much rounder mid-section than a regular (Atlantic Salmon), which results in a generous, thick fillet and great yield. Whether for the most discerning sushi-chefs, or white tablecloth restaurants across literally the entire nation, this fish has made a splash unlike any other over the last couple of years.

    First introduced into NZ waters in the late 19th century, it was not until the early 1980’s that farms were set up to rear the King or Chinook species in New Zealand. Now, decades later, the farms are located in areas of deep, fast-flowing oceans and are producing a stellar product. Due to the perfect environmental conditions of ocean temperature, purity and currents, New Zealand King Salmon is free of any disease to which there is no need for antibiotics, antifouling chemicals, net-washing pollutants, etc.

    We source our New Zealand King Salmon from two different suppliers: Ōra King Salmon and Sanford King Salmon. The Ōra brand is farmed at the top of the South Island in the Marlborough Sounds and boasts an exceptional product as a result of their 20 year breeding program. The Sanford brand comes from Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island at the bottom of the South Island and is truly an area of unmatched remoteness. Both brands are outstanding.

    NZ ‘Kings’ have an unforgettable flavor with a buttery/umami fusion which offers a euphoric mouth feel. The flesh is soft and tender with a bright orange color. The deep marbling of fat within the flesh shows in vibrant contrast and attests to the flavor locked within. Kings have the highest oil content of all salmon, so long-chain Omega-3’s are present in levels which are superior to all competing products. The taste and health benefits of New Zealand King Salmon are simply top of the class and for the American nation of salmon lovers; we can promise this over-achiever of ours is destined for great things.

  • Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

    Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

    Another year of hard work pays off with even more Friend Of The Sea Sustainable Seafood Certific[...]