New Zealand, Wild-caught

Big Eye Tuna - Whole

Big Eye Tuna – Whole

  • Latin name: Thunnus Obesus
  • Other names:
    • USA: Bigeye Tuna (Hawaii: Ahi, Ahi Po’onui)
    • New Zealand: Bigeye Tuna
    • Netherlands: Grootoogtonijn, Storje
    • France: Patudo, Thon aux Grands Yeux
    • Germany: Großaugen-Thunfisch
    • Italy: Tonno Obeso
    • Japan: Mebachi, Mebuto
    • Spain: Patudo

    Bigeye Tuna are a majestic looking fish with a dark metallic blue on the upper body, which fades to white on the belly, and with a yellow stripe dividing the 2 colors. Bigeye, as the name suggests, stand out from other tuna due to their disproportionately large eyes. The flesh of the species is also unique, with a rosy red-pink meat which holds impressive reserves of Omega-3 fatty acids thus making it an almost religious experience when eaten, due to its sublime taste and texture.

    This species inhabits depths of 150-1200ft, so is found in deeper, colder layers of water than other types of tuna, and hence its higher fat content. They are highly migratory and journey very large distances throughout the ocean preying on squid, crustaceans and other fish, and often school around floating objects or large slow moving fish such as whale sharks.

    We source all our Bigeye tuna from Tahitian waters due to superior quality. Tahiti has around 140 Islands and a 5.5 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from which to fish. Only the long-line fishing method is permitted in these waters, with no net or seine vessels allowed to fish there for sustainability reasons. Also, any form of shark fishing or finning is strictly prohibited. We buy exclusively from Ocean Products which is a long-time licensed fishing company and exporter. Tahiti is part of the European Union, so all processing facilities are EU accredited (as well as FDA), so the quality, traceability and food-safety of our Tahitian Bigeye is exceptional.

    Bigeye Tuna has generally not received the fame it deserves by American diners. Its more famous cousin, the Yellowfin, is better known and more often requested, however, this bares no reflection on its quality and eating properties. Bigeye is a brilliant, rich-tasting fish loaded with Omega-3’s, which often performs better on the grill as it won’t dry out like other, leaner tuna species. Of course, within Japanese cuisine, the above popularities are reversed with the fatty Bigeye being the superior fish for raw applications and therefore the most sought after species which fetches the highest market prices. Regardless of the application, Bigeye is a fish with exceptional color and taste and truly is an aquatic delicacy.

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