Wahoo / Ono

New Zealand, Wild-caught

Wahoo Ono

Wahoo Ono

  • Latin name: Acanthocybium Solandri
  • Other names:
  • USA: Wahoo, Ono, Kingfish, Peto, Guarapucu, Thazard Bâtard
  • Australia: Jack Mackerel, Wahoo
  • New Zealand: Wahoo
  • Brazil: Cavala
  • France: Thazard-Bâtard
  • Greece: Akanthoriki
  • Italy: Acantocibio
  • Japan: Kamasu-Sawara
  • Korea: Man-Sae-Gi
  • Spain: Peto
  • Wahoo is one of the best-value items in our pelagic species portfolio. This fish’s Hawaiian nickname of ‘Ono’ translates as delicious and the synonym is not by coincidence. It offers a large circular-flaked loin which is sweet and fleshy and is usually priced quite reasonably. The fish is elongated with a pointy snout and a series of short dorsal fins. Their color changes from deep blue on the upper sides to silver on the belly, and they are covered in small scales.

    Wahoo inhabit the top 300 feet of the water column and can be found in abundance around drifting flotsam and shallow seamounts and pinnacles. They feed mainly on fish and are able to eat prey larger than themselves as they have strong jaws and sharp serrated teeth. They are very popular with recreational anglers because of the fight they put up when hooked due to their strength and elongated shape, and especially for their great taste when put on the grill afterwards.

    We source all our Wahoo from Tahitian waters due to superior size and quality. Tahiti has around 140 Islands and a 5.5 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from which to fish from. Only the long-line fishing method is permitted in these waters, with no net or seine vessels allowed to fish for sustainability reasons. Also any form of shark fishing or finning is strictly prohibited. We buy exclusively from Ocean Products, which is a long-time licensed fishing company and exporter. Tahiti is part of the European Union, so all processing facilities are EU accredited (as well as FDA), making the quality, traceability and food-safety of our Tahitian Wahoo particularly exceptional.

    Wahoo is a great fish to have as a menu item. It performs equally well when cooked simply or in complex dishes. The mild flavor takes up the flavor of sauces and it is simply delicious skewered or in gourmet tacos or sandwiches. It’s a well-known Hawaiian-style fish which many restaurants across the nation are offering – to the delight of seafood-loving diners.

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    Friend Of The Sea Certification 2013-2016

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